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  21,22 July 2006 Forum Neues Musiktheater, Stuttgart, Germany  

'garden of dream'

- a [pocket opera] by daniel schorno
free after the novel 'folie à deux' by rebecca brown

a young deaf artist, shi, works as a graphics illustrator. but now her blind partner has been torn way from her. they loved and needed each other desperately because shi was their eyes and her lover their ears. through her graphics, shi found a way of expressing the intensity of their love. but, now she is left alone, she goes obsessively over and over their happiness.
the reality of that happiness collapses when shi sees two apparations. one is the strange prof o'deery and the other a little spotted cat by the name of chitraka. she is no longer clear about reality.
are the two apparations real? was her happy life only a garden of dreams? what effect will all this have on her sanity.




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