special thanks to  
  Marc Coniglio of Troika Ranch for creating a unique 3D Isadora 'actor', Christian Schorno, Stephanie Samesch, Peter von Salis, Xenia Leydel, Erika Combée, the FNM Team and STEIM for their invaluable advice and support  
Daniel Schorno Composition, Story & Interaction Design
Ernest Rombaut Oboe & Electronic Piccolo Heckelphone
Pascal Boudreault Live-Illustration & Sound Objects
Frank van de Ven Dance & Directing
Camille Hesketh Soprano
Dirk Haubrich Live Video
Yoko Seyama Stage & Light, Costume, Web Design, Video
Jorgen Brinkman Instrument Design
Bodo Gottschalk Light Techniques
Artistic Advisors  
Andreas Breitscheid Composer and former Artistic Director 'Forum Neues Musiktheater', Stuttgart
Christina Viola Oorebeek Composer, Amsterdam
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