Yoko Seyama

Scenographer / Media artist, Den Haag The Netherlands based, Born in Tokyo Japan 1980. She holds an MA in ArtScience 2009 from the Royal Conservatoire, Den Haag and a BA in Architecture 2004 from Musashino Art University, Tokyo. From early on in her architectural training and as well as her classic/contemporary ballet training, she began specializing in the creation of special installation for the performance context. Since moving to the EU in 2004, she has been concentrating on scenography and time-based art. Her recent scenographic works are the set designs for Jirí Kylián's "Mémoires d'Oubliettes"(2009) performed by the Nederland Dans Theater I and for Pedro Gomes Goucha "DroceraCapensis"(2009) by Korzo productions. She has also worked with Daniel Schorno, Megumi Nakamura, Jérôme Meyer & Isabelle Chaffaud. Her work combines digital material (video/photo) and textural material (fabrics/paper/elastics), processing these into her spatial installations. Under her 3d model study and Architectural investigation, her work leads to "processing space / work of touch for space" Her recent work "Light work #6 : In Soil" has been exhibited in several exhibitions in the Netherlands, latest in March 2010 in SonicActs XIII at NIMk Amsterdam. Her collaborative project "sentient architecture" together with Lyndsey Housden, creates transformative time-based space using a physical mapping system by flexible elastic material.

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