Daniel Schorno

Composer, born in Zurich/Switzerland in 1963.

He studied composition in London with Melanie Daiken and electronic and computer music in The Hague/Netherlands, with Joel Ryan and Clarence Barlow.
Invited by Michel Waisvisz he lead STEIM - the renown Dutch Studio for Electro Instrumental Music, and home of 'New Instruments' - as Artistic Director until 2005. There he collaborated with musicians and artists like Frank van de Ven, Frances-Marie Uitti, Netochka Nezvanova, Laetitia Sonami, Francisco Lopez, Jon Rose, Anne Laberge, Steina Vasulka, and numerous Dutch New Music Ensembles and organisations like the FNM/Stuttgart and the Theremin Institute/Moscow. He is currently STEIM's composer-in-research and creative project advisor.

Recent works also include the ongoing 'KAIROS Project', where he invites instrumental virtuosi to play along with his new sensor instruments. His concerts and workshops have taken him all over Europe and as far afield as Johannesburg's Soweto, Iceland, Shanghai and the street artists & kids of Guatemala City.

Link to STEIM : http://www.steim.org


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